What is Geek Kind?

All of us here at Geek Kind is a huge geek, sure, no surprise there. But we have been a part of many fandoms and one thing we noticed is the amount of drama, toxicity, and overall negative behavior within the fandoms. Its caused some people who love the product, to hate the community behind it. Most people accept this as just how it works. But does it have to work like that?

William the Founder of Geek Kind is challenging that norm. "I know that we can't rid the internet of this behavior, but we can and will create an environment that encourages the best of what the community has to offer, rather than allow the worst of it to thrive" Let's flip the script and let the best and most positive attributes of our communities to thrive and leave the worst of it behind. That's what Geek Kind is, a place for fandoms to thrive.

Even if we have different opinions on what we love, we can still respect each other's ideas and have a fun conversation. After all, it's our differences that provide interesting conversations worth listening to. That's what leads to enjoying our favorite stuff even more and making new friendships and connections along the way.

That's what it's all about. Geek Kind: kind geeks for all geek kind. Here is a quick about me for each team member:




"Inconceivable!" & "Coscast" Producer
Content Creator
Instagram: @WhiteFangCosplay

What's up fam! My name is William. I'm the founder and CEO of Geek Kind! I love a bunch of things but I spend a lot of time cosplaying and working on film and graphic design. When I have free time (lol) I try and sing and write music. Geek Kind is going to play host to a lot of my dream geeky projects I have been wanting to do but it's going to be so much more than that and I can't wait to see the true potential of this company. Thank you and stay awesome!"

Top 3 favorite interests: Cosplay, TV/Movie, Anime



Executive Editor
"Inconceivable!" Co-Host
Content Creator
Instagram: @dredpiratrob

"Hey Geeks! My name is Wesley, I'm an admin for Geek Kind and one of the co-hosts for our podcast "Inconceivable". You can count on me to regularly address the world of comic books (primarily their films and TV shows), especially DC Comics, and give you my opinion on existing and upcoming projects in the comic book world. I am also passionate about Star Wars, horror/thriller films, clothing, God, and craft beer. I'm so excited to be a part of this and help Geek Kind reach it's full potential. Welcome to our family!

Top 3 favorite interests: Comics, TV/Movies, Video Games.



Executive Director
"Inconceivable!" & "Coscast" Co-Host
Instagram: @strictlycosplay

"Hello, Friends! My name is Alex. I'm a Co-host and fellow administrator to Geek Kind and our podcast, Inconceivable. I am also a cosplayer and a huge Star Wars and pop culture fan in general. I am so excited to be starting this exciting journey with my fellow co-hosts and all of you. Welcome to Geek Kind!"

Top 3 favorite interests: Anime, Cosplay, TV/Movies



Content Creator

"Hi there! My name's Allison and I'm a contributing writer for Geek Kind. I'm passionate about cosplay, voice acting, and creative writing. (I've self-published two books.) Star Wars is my first and favorite fandom, but I'm also a huge fan of Doctor Who, Star Trek, Stargate, Battlestar Galactica, and of course RWBY."

Top 3 favorite interests: Cosplay, TV/Movies, Books


Geek Kind hopes to be the most positive and supportive geek community on the web. We hope to inspire both old and new nerds alike and have a sense of family with us. One day we hope to produce all sorts of content across all types of media. Things like multiple podcasts, video content, gaming "let's plays", streaming, merchandise, live action/animated shows, and maybe one day our very own convention. Keep in mind some of these things could be more than 10 years away from now, but these are things that we have in mind as our ultimate end goals.If Geek Kind sounds something you want to be a part of, contact William at "William@geekkind.tv"things that we are currently interested in:
Future Content Creators
Unique Skills or Services to offer
Equipment or Resources of use
Donations or other means of funds
Serious inquiries only, please.