Wesley's 5 Favorite Things About "IT"

Stephen King's IT released in theaters this September to rave reviews and a record breaking box office performance (beating the 44 year old record set by The Exorcist), and in this weeks episode of Inconceivable I talked about how much I absolutely LOVED the new adaption. There were so many great things about the movie all around, but in this little article I'd just like to go over my five favorite parts. WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD!  1. Bill Skarsgard's Eye TrickBill Skarsgard, the actor portraying the ominous clown known as "IT", was superb in the role. Everything from his voice to his body posture was just great, but the single best part of his performance, in my opinion, was a neat trick he can do with his eyes. Skarsgard can move each of his eyes independently. In many of his scenes you can see how off and out of focus his eyes look and its incredibly unsettling. Its uncomfortable to look at and the longer you see him that way the more terrifying and ghoulish he seems. This little eye trick was huge for atmospheric effect. You can sort of see him doing it in the picture below, but you'll see much better examples of it when you go to see the movie yourself.  2. The Losers Club WinsOne of the best parts of this movie is that the group of kids, referred to throughout the movie as "The Losers Club", could have held this movie together on their own, no monster necessary. The kids are all so well acted, charismatic, and funny that you didn't need the monster as the driving force of the movie, and in many ways, he's not. Ultimately, this movie is about the kids and their real everyday fears. But, much to every viewers delight (or fright if you will), the monster was also incredible, so this movie is an all around success.  3. Secret TurtleSo, there's a a huge umbrella plot in the Stephen King universe that involves giant turtles and deadly lights. IT is actually an eternal extra-dimensional entity. He's like a god that exists in a larger universe outside of ours, and he feeds on fear. IT has a nemesis: a massive Turtle named Maturin, who created our universe, and they are locked in an eternal struggle. In the movie, Bill (leader of the Losers Club) finds his younger brother Georgie's Lego Turtle and I thought that was a neat nod to the larger plot of Stephen King's universe. Also, viewers have speculated that the large object in the picture below could be Maturin as well.  4. IT's Close To HomeThe story of IT takes place in Derry, Maine, and as you may know, Geek Kind is based in New Hampshire. I've always loved that Stephen King novels typical take place in New England. In the case of this movie, it made everything more real for me because I was familiar with the place the story was taking place.  5. Curry's CameoTim Curry didn't actually appear in the film, but his version of the clown did. At one point in the movie, one of the kids wanders into a clown themed room fueled by his own fear. The room is filled different clown dolls, and right as IT moves in for the scare, you can see a doll modeled after Tim Curry's IT costume on the left. I noticed this right away when I watched it in theaters and was pleasantly surprised by the reference. Those are just five of my favorite things about the new IT movie! I highly recommend this movie, not just to horror fans, but to any fan of cinema period. I believe this is a definitive film in American movie history. It was well cast, wonderfully directed, and perfectly paced. Go see IT! ~ Wesley