Katsucon 2018 review

Katsucon 2018 reviewScreen-Shot-2018-02-14-at-2.49.33-AMTravel and Stay:National_Harbor_night_view.jpgKatsu has people coming from all over the country with some people even coming from outside the US, so travel and stay are really important for this convention. You have 5 hotels including the host hotel being the Gaylord all within walking distance of the con. So you definitely have lots of options for convenient stay. National Harbor is equipped for tourists so it's a very ideal place to host a large convention like this. Just outside of DC you can take a plane, train, or bus and be within 10-20mins of the convention so you have plenty of options there. If you're looking to avoid parking and traffic issues I highly recommend staying in national harbor, it will make your weekend a lot less stressful.Cost and Food:View_of_stores_and_restaurants_at_National_Harbor_in_MarylandWeekend tickets are pretty cheap if you get the early bird pricing, but even at their highest, they are not that bad comparatively. Travel and especially the national harbor hotels costs can add up fast, however, so be mindful when budgeting your weekend. You have limited options within the CC, but just outside there are dozens of really nice restaurants and bars while also having cheap options like Chipotle and subway. Great overall selection of eats. The only thing lacking is breakfast food, to my knowledge, there is not a single food place open for the morning, so either settle with coffee from Starbucks or get something from the CVS that's in national harbor.Events and panels:katsucon-2017-Friday-rave-11Don't get me wrong Katsucon definitely has events and panels, but if we are being honest it's not the highlight of the convention. Don't let me downplay it but if you're really into cosplay then you can easily fill your time with just Cosplay related things. Still, if cosplay is not all that for you, then they do have a great selection of panels and events to offer as well as parties and dances. Katsucon also does a great job of getting some big name voice actors even outside anime in things like overwatch. If you went to this con doing nothing but events and panels you would definitely still very much enjoy yourself.Dealers Room / Artist Alley:artist-alley-3.jpgKatsucon offers a separate dealers room and artist alley and both of them are definitely worth your time. Unlike the events which seem pretty average, the artist alley is definitely noteworthy, and the dealers room it's definitely quality and you can easily spend a few hours in there alone.Cosplay:katsucon2018_convention_report_0Literally one of the best places for Cosplay in the country, this can not be understated for how good this con is for Cosplay. Its only downfall is its own popularity can make it overcrowded. That being said, you will not find a more diverse selection of locations for photography than this. And it's one of the very few that has several amazing indoor options. In fact, I'd say the most amazing ones are in indoor. Also, this con brings the A-lister Cosplayers. You'll find big name cosplayers showing up not for a booth but just to show off a Cosplay, and everyone else bringing their A game. The level of quality Cosplay here is just insane. If you love cosplay in any capacity I can't recommend this con to you enough.Overall Experience:Maid-Cafe-2018.jpgSome will argue that the con itself does not add to much value if you are a Cosplayer, most people (being cosplayers) are just interested in the location. That being said even if you're not into cosplay I'd still recommend this con as it definitely accomplishes some very worthwhile entertainment. If you like Cosplay, you will have a fantastic time period, and if you can go, make sure it's a priority, you won't regret it. Katsucon still remains as one of my top favorite cons of the year.Woo!-Cosplay-‎Overall Experience-‎Food-‎Travel-‎Stay-‎Artist AlleyMeh?-Cost-‎Dealers Room-‎Events-‎PanelsNah.(Nothing)